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VALO Hotel & Work Illuminated With Tunto's Ballon Pendants

Welcome to VALO Hotel & Work, a unique destination that combines inspiring coworking spaces with a warm-hearted hotel experience, all under one roof in the vibrant city of Helsinki, Finland.

VALO Hotel & Work seamlessly integrates accommodation and office space in one contemporary building, catering to the needs of business travelers. With a total of 422 rooms designed for both staying and working, along with 13 versatile event and meeting rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a wellness area,

VALO offers a comprehensive and dynamic operating environment. Notably, Modeo played a pivotal role as the primary supplier of bulk furniture, furnishing the site with top-quality office furniture, hotel furniture, and restaurant furniture.

The Tunto Ballon Pendant lamps have been chosen through our partner Modeo to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the hotel's elegant wooden counter in the atmospheric meeting lounge called "Männikkö." These lamps add a touch of softness and airiness to the minimalistic interior.

The colors and materials of the Ballon lamps harmonize seamlessly with the overall interior design. The adjustable lighting direction of the lamps enables flexibility to cater to various requirements and create different moods.

Ballon Pendant luminaries - Tunto Lighting

Product Variants:

Model Variants

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More Information:

Project: VALO Hotel & Work, Finland

Interior Design Office: Modeo Oy, Finland

Photography: VALO Hotel & Work & Modeo Oy, Finland


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