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Return Policy

How to return standard goods?

As per EU Consumer Rights Directive, you can choose to withdraw from your order for any reason within 14 calendar days (including weekend and holidays) starting on the day the goods were received.

We will accept the return of the order, only: 

  • if the product is still packed in their original packaging

  • if the parcel is complete (including operating manual, packing material etc.),

  • if the products can be sold again without any form of damage. 

We may claim a refund in case of damaged products that have been used and shipped without reasonable care.

The refund of your order will take place once we receive your parcel with the returned product.

The cost of the return is your responsibility. The parcel with the product must be returned to the following address 

Tunto Lighting


Tekijänkatu 8

04440 Järvenpää


How to proceed if my parcel is damaged?


How to proceed if my lamp doesn't work?

All our products, drivers, wiring, connections etc. have been extensively tested before they leave our factory. If you run into a problem while installing the product, check/ensure the following first before contacting us:

  • Make sure that the installations are performed by a professional electrician who understands and follows the instructions in the package.

  • If the light does not work, check the transformer. Make sure that the cable on the DC side of the transformer has been correctly connected.

  • If the connection is correct but the problem persists, measure the voltage on the DC side of the transformer. If the light flickers and it has been installed to work with a dimmer, check that the dimmer is compatible with the transformer. If it is not compatible, Tunto offers alternative options. If the dimmer is compatible with the transformer, please note that Triac dimmers may cause flickering. The dimmer’s minimum level can be adjusted e.g. via the adjustment screw in the dimmer.

  • All the dimmers that we have tested can be found on the Tunto website

How to make a complaint?

Send us a mail to with the following information:

  • Name and model of the product,

  • Date of purchase,

  • Where did you buy the lamp,

  • Description of problem (if the problem concerns a pendant or wall lamp, please include a picture of the transformer so that it shows the cable connections), 

  • Notify if the light has been connected to a dimmer (mention the dimmer type and take a picture of the connection if possible).

Return & Inspection

Please make sure that the product has been carefully packaged. Roll the wires of a pendant lamp into the package so that they do not bend. ​


We arrange the delivery and inspects the product. After inspection, We contact the customer and provides a preliminary report and a possible cost estimate to be approved by the customer. ​


If the damage to the product has been caused by an installation error, We charge the customer for the repair and delivery costs. If the product contains a technical malfunction that is not related to or caused by the installation, the product warranty is valid and We will repair or replace the product and send the repaired/new product to the customer.

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