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Contemporary Tunto lighting installation at Seppä Shopping Centre in Jyväskylä, Finland.


Catalogs & Gallery

Tunto Lighting | Technical Catalog 2022

Technical Catalog


Ambient Catalog 2024.jpg

Ambient Catalog



Picture Gallery

Project Report.jpg

Project Report (English)

Tunto LED project report.

Rapport de Projet 

Product Presentations

Ballon Pendant Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

Ballon Pendant

Cube Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

Cube Wall Lamp

Ballon Wall 3 Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

Ballon Wall 3

Dot Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

Dot Wall Lamp

Ballon Wall 5 Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

Ballon Wall 5

EnOcean Switch Presentation | TUNTO Lighting

EnOcean Switch

Instructions & Datasheets

Assembly Instructions - Tunto Design

Assembly Instructions

Download Product Datahseets - Tunto Design

Product Datasheets

Dimmer Instructions - Tunto Design

Dimmer Instructions

Product Materials & Colors

Product Materials & Colors

Driver Datasheets - Tunto Design

Driver Datasheets

Documents & Applications

CE Declaration of Conformity  - Tunto Design

CE Declaration of Conformity

 Casambi App for IOS - Tunto Design

Casambi App for IOS

Request 3D files - Tunto Design

Request 3D Files

EU Energy Labels (EEL) - Tunto Design

EU Energy Labels (EEL)

Casambi app for Android - Tunto Design

Casambi App for Android

LDT files - Tunto Design

LDT Files

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