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A Lamp Like A Sculpture – The Versatile Ballon Wall 5

Ballon is a family of unique, adjustable wall lamps with a creative, sculptural design language – topped off with a tasteful touch of traditional wood.

Ballon Wall5 Model a - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall5 - Model A

Catching the eye with its sculptural shape, the Ballon Wall 5 combines modern design with traditional wooden elements. It is a highly-adjustable wall lamp with disc-shaped, rotating LED panels, providing a distinctive aesthetic element to any space with unique lighting needs. The rotating LED panels provide optimal light distribution, direct or indirect.

Ballon Wall5 Model C - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall5 - Model C

Ballon Wall5 Model B - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall5 - Model B

The design of the Ballon Wall 5 makes it a stunning addition to any space that needs a unique touch of light and design. The lamp is available three highly-adjustable models with different design details. The round LED panels rotate up to 330 degrees, providing versatility for individual lighting needs.

The lamp's frame is available in beautiful black or white finishes. The wooden panels come in oak, walnut, black or white. These versatile options provide endless combinations, allowing for the Ballon Wall 5 to complement any space with its unique, sculptural presence and versatile light.

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