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A Lamp Like A Sculpture – The Versatile Ballon Wall 5

Introducing the Ballon family of exceptional wall lamps, where uniqueness meets adjustability. These lamps boast a creative and sculptural design language that captivates the eye, complemented by a tasteful infusion of traditional wood.

Ballon Wall5 Model a - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall5 - Model A

Captivating with its sculptural shape, the Ballon Wall 5 harmoniously blends modern design with traditional wooden elements. This highly adjustable wall lamp features disc-shaped, rotating LED panels that add a distinctive aesthetic touch to any space seeking unique lighting solutions. The panels effortlessly distribute optimal light, enabling both direct and indirect illumination.

Ballon Wall5 Model C - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall 05 - Model C

Ballon Wall5 Model B - Tunto Lighting
Ballon Wall 05 - Model B

Elevate any space with the captivating design of the Ballon Wall 5. This stunning lamp adds a unique touch of light and style to your surroundings. Available in three highly adjustable models, each with distinct design details, it offers versatility to suit individual preferences. The round LED panels can rotate up to 330 degrees, effortlessly catering to your specific lighting needs.

Choose from exquisite black or white finishes for the lamp's frame, while the wooden panels offer a selection of oak, walnut, black, or white. With these versatile options, the Ballon Wall 5 can seamlessly complement any space, showcasing its unique, sculptural presence and providing versatile lighting solutions.


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