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Ballon: A Truly Unique Pendant Lamp

The Ballon Pendant is a truly unique, sculptural pendant lamp. It has the ability to transform endlessly to suit different rooms, spaces and atmospheres.

The sculptural, eye-catching Ballon Pendant combines modern design with traditional wooden elements in the renowned Tunto fashion. It is a highly-adjustable lamp with disc-shaped, rotating LED panels, providing a distinctive aesthetic element to any space. The rotating LED panels provide optimal light distribution, direct or indirect.

The highly-versatile Ballon Pendant is available in three options (1-3 lamp units) with up to six adjustable LED panels, allowing the lamp to be tastefully integrated into any space. The lamp's frame comes in two standard lengths, with the possibility of extending the frame according to individual needs. The round LED panels rotate up to 330 degrees, offering great versatility for unique lighting.

The Ballon Pendant's frame is available in black, white or 24K gold coating, and the canopy's material can be chosen accordingly. The wooden panels and the canopy covers come in oak, walnut, black or white. These options offer a myriad of combinations, allowing for the lamp to provide sculptural style and high versatility to any space that needs a unique touch of beautiful light.

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