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Supercell Sought The Best Lighting Solutions For Wood City In Helsinki, Finland

When it comes to making employees a functional workspace of the future, it is not enough to settle for a standard solution. In Wood City, built by SRV for Supercell, every detail in lighting and electricity distribution has been carefully thought out and implemented for future space users in accordance with the experimental culture.

Tunto’s biggest and most significant project to date

In this remarkable project we were able to demonstrate the full potential of Tunto and all our partners and subcontractors. Tunto’s involvement in the project lasted two years. During this time we got to collaborate with the best in the construction and lighting industries. Seamless and open teamwork between the client and various operators was a key factor to the success of the project.

Showcasing our wide range of skills

The Supercell project saw Tunto as an important part of an extensive team. We acted as the dynamic and creative link between various professionals and fields of expertise in the team, which included the client, architects, lighting designers, interior designers, builders, lighting control designers and implementers.

We came up with numerous solutions aimed at seamlessly combining lights and lighting solutions, aiming for a flexible and modular design. We wanted to ensure the longevity, reliability and conversion flexibility of all solutions. Conversion flexibility is one of the important themes in the creation of the whole Supercell building.

Tunto expertise at its best

During the project the Tunto designers, carpenters, electronics experts and electricians were able to create and implement various solutions that brought together different aspects of the project.

We were able to utilize our years of expertise and extensive network in implementing the best possible solutions, in order to bring together the visions of various parties.

”I am very pleased with the outcome of this massive project – and the way we were able to showcase our full potential. This was a model example of our expertise and what a flexible and professional subcontracting network can achieve. As the evening falls, a light from the building’s windows can be seen on the streets of Helsinki. We can be proud that it is the result of our hard work. Thank you Supercell and our partners for your trust. We made it!”

-Mikko Kärkkäinen, CEO and Designer, Tunto Design




More Information:

Location: Supercell Head Office, Finland

Architecture: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, Finland

Lighting Design: VALOA design Oy, Finland

Lighting Solutions: Tunto Lighting, Finland

Audiovisual Solutions: Audico Systems Oy, Finland

Construction: SRV, Finland

Photographer: Pasi Salminen, Finland

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