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Supercell "Teamspace" Lighting Project in Helsinki, Finland

Innovative Lighting Design Across Five Floors

We implemented almost five hundred lights on the five floors of the new magnificent Supercell building. As the office interiors were inspired by the building’s airy and curvy architecture, we aimed to reflect these features in the design of the lights as well.

Customized Office Lights for Optimal Performance

Our custom-made Cell Pendant lights, designed specifically for Supercell’s unique needs, are optimized for display terminal work. These lights are dimmable, feature adjustable color temperatures, and offer a high-quality light.

The process of creating and implementing these unique lights allowed us to utilize our full range of expertise and our extensive global supply chain.

Modularity and Adjustability

The Cell Pendant lights were designed to be fully adjustable and modular, with even their hanging method developed specifically for Supercell’s requirements. This design ensures that any future interior changes can be accommodated using the same lights.

Every component of the light, from custom frames to innovative aluminum profiles, is specially designed and manufactured. The wooden parts were crafted using our own molds and processed at our factory.




More Information:

Location: Supercell Head Office, Finland

Architecture: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, Finland

Lighting Design: VALOA design Oy, Finland

Lighting Solutions: Tunto Lighting, Finland

Audiovisual Solutions: Audico Systems Oy, Finland

Construction: SRV, Finland

Photographer: Pasi Salminen, Finland

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