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Supercell "Hexagon", Helsinki, Finland

As a unique and special part of the project, a massive hexagon-shaped light was implemented on the top floor of the building, illuminating a space of 660 square meters.

The Most Demanding Part of the Project

The structural requirements for the roof were demanding: the need for extensive performance and building technology had to be taken into account. TUNTO was responsible for delivering and installing the hexagon-shaped lights.

Specific Tools for the Customized Profiles

We had to design our own specific tools for the construction of the light, which has its own customized profiles. The aluminum profile is coated with black stained oak veneer. The lighting is fully programmable according to the needs of different events and the room’s presentation technology.

A Word from the Lighting Designer

"Hexagon ceiling is inspired by the Supercell’s unique organization of game development which is composed of small “cells” that form an entirety. Language of the games is universal and they bring people together from all over the world."

-Marko Kuusisto, VALOA Design

This impressive pixel-programmed Hexagon light can be seen as part of the Helsinki street view from both sides of the building. The design was carried out in collaboration with the architecture office Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy and the lighting design office VALOA Design Oy.





More Information:

Location: Supercell Head Office, Finland

Architecture: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, Finland

Lighting Design: VALOA Design Oy, Finland

Lighting Solutions: Tunto Lighting, Finland

Audiovisual Solutions: Audico Systems Oy, Finland

Construction: SRV, Finland

Photographer: Pasi Salminen, Finland


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