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Tunto Design Supply Lights For The New Team Finland Premises

Team Finland, the Finnish network that promotes Finnish companies abroad, has chosen

Tunto Design to supply lights for the network’s new premises, to be initially opened in March 2016. The interior of the new premises has been designed by Design Studio innovation for the new premises in.

Tunto Design has come up with an all-new lighting innovation for the new premises in cooperation with Muotohiomo: a light and power source column that, along with its outstanding technical features, is an aesthetically important part of an office interior. In addition to the new lighting innovation, Tunto supplies several kinds of lights for the Team Finland premises, such as the Swan Pendant, LED120 Wall lights, LED40 Pendants and LED40 Wall lights as well the brand new Tree Office Station. In total, around 200 luminaires have been installed at the premises.

“This is a large-scale project which Tunto Design is extremely proud to be part of”, says Tunto Design’s designer and CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen.

This is a solid example of what we can offer to interior design and architectural projects: tailor-made design innovations that comply with electrical standards and produce a desired amount of quality lighting. The Team Finland network promotes Finland and boosts the success of Finnish companies abroad. The network brings together all state-funded actors and the services they offer to promote the internationalisation of Finnish companies, to attract foreign investments to Finland, and to promote Finland’s country brand.




Team Finland Offices Espoo, Finland

Interior Architect:

Muotohiomo, Finland

Light Controlling:

Casambi, Finland



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