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Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland

In the world of interior design, capturing the essence of a theme requires careful consideration of materials, colors, and lighting. One such captivating project took place when Von Petersdorff partnered with Ernst Büroarchitektur AG to fashion a distinctive fishing-themed cafeteria for Rohrer Müller Partner AG in Switzerland. Our LED60 pendant lights, exquisitely crafted with cherry wood, played a central role, seamlessly merging elegance and inspiration.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

The cafeteria, once a simple space, now exudes the charm of a serene fishing retreat. The interior design team at von Petersdorff meticulously selected materials that would encapsulate the essence of the fishing theme. From the wavy ceilings that mimic gentle ocean waves to the organic color palette reminiscent of nature's beauty, every element harmoniously came together to create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

One of the defining features of this fishing-inspired cafeteria is the creative use of our LED60 pendant lights. To further enhance the thematic experience, von Petersdorff chose a special version of the LED60 pendant lights made with cherry wood. The warm hues and rich textures of the wood perfectly complemented the overall design concept, adding a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to the space.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

The fishing theme was intricately woven into every aspect of the cafeteria's design. The LED60 pendant lights, with their cherry wood construction, symbolized the essence of nature and echoed the idea of craftsmanship. They served as a visual representation of the connection between the art of fishing and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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More Information:

Project: Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Switzerland

Architecture Office: ERNST BÜROARCHITEKTUR AG, Switzerland

Interior Design Office: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

Photographer: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland


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