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Capturing the Essence of Nature: Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland

Transforming Spaces with Thematic Design

In the world of interior design, capturing the essence of a theme requires careful consideration of materials, colors, and lighting. One such captivating project took place when Von Petersdorff partnered with Ernst Büroarchitektur AG to fashion a distinctive fishing-themed cafeteria for Rohrer Müller Partner AG in Switzerland.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

LED60 Pendant Lights: Cherry Wood Elegance

For this project, we exclusively manufactured our LED60 pendant lights using cherry wood. These fixtures not only illuminate the space but also beautifully complement the fishing theme and interior design, adding sophistication and a touch of nature.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

A Harmonious Blend of Natural Elements and Design

From wavy ceilings mimicking ocean waves to a color palette that evokes the beauty of nature, every element was meticulously chosen to reinforce the theme, culminating in an inviting and authentic atmosphere.

Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

The Essence of Craftsmanship and Environment

The thematic design goes beyond aesthetics, symbolizing the essence of nature and craftsmanship. The LED60 pendant made of solid wood, serves as a visual bridge between the art of fishing and the beauty of the surrounding environment, encapsulating the spirit of the cafeteria's design.

Model Variants


Wood and Color

Dimmable Driver



More Information:

Project: Rohrer Müller Partner AG, Switzerland

Architecture Office: ERNST BÜROARCHITEKTUR AG, Switzerland

Interior Design Office: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

Photographer: Würmli Fotograf, Switzerland


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