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BIL - Banque International À Luxembourg, Switzerland

Located In Zurich's popular main downtown street “Bahnhofstrasse” the offices and canteen of BIL Suisse – Switzerland’s subsidiary of Luxembourg’s oldest private bank are illuminated with our wooden LED60 pendant luminaires

Tunto EnOcean Switch

A combination of acoustic comfort and illumination with an innovative ceiling design. Our LED60 fits seamlessly into the ceiling baffles providing high-quality lighting that creates a stylishly modern and organic look.

A Sophisticated Lighting Solution

Made of solid wood, our LED60 is a powerful and sophisticated light that provides atmospheric lighting for a wide range of applications and design projects as well as for open baffle systems

Our LED60 pendant is available in 6 different lengths, wood finish, and colors.


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More Information:

Interior Architecture Office: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

Pictures: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

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