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BIL - Banque International À Luxembourg, Switzerland

Our wooden LED60 pendant luminaires beautifully illuminate the offices and canteen of BIL Suisse, located on Zurich's renowned main downtown street, "Bahnhofstrasse." BIL Suisse is the Swiss subsidiary of Luxembourg's oldest private bank, and our LED60 luminaires add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their space.

Tunto EnOcean Switch

Experience the perfect blend of acoustic comfort and illumination with our innovative ceiling design featuring the LED60. This cutting-edge lighting solution seamlessly integrates into the ceiling baffles, delivering top-notch lighting performance that enhances the overall aesthetic with a sleek, modern, and organic appearance.

A Sophisticated Lighting Solution

Crafted from durable solid wood, the LED60 is an elegant and high-performance lighting solution that creates a captivating ambiance for various applications and design ventures, including open baffle systems.

The LED60 pendant is offered in six distinct lengths, featuring a variety of wood finishes and colors to suit your preferences and design requirements.

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Architecture Office: ERNST BÜROARCHITEKTUR AG, Switzerland

Interior Design Office: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

Photographer: Würmli Fotograf, Switzerland


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