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Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers, Zurich Switzerland

Creating a captivating dining experience entails more than just exquisite cuisine; it also requires an inviting ambiance that tells a compelling story. Von Petersdorff collaborated with Ernst Büroarchitektir AG to transform the restaurant space of Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers where the objective was to balance functionality and sophisticated design in the customer area.

Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

Von Petersdorff and Ernst Büroarchitektur AG installed black grids as false ceilings, adorned with vibrant plants to infuse the space with a natural and organic ambiance. This creative visual concept provided the ideal backdrop for our black stained LED40 pendant lights, seamlessly integrating them into the overall design and enhancing both functionality and aesthetics within the space.

Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

The incorporation of green plants and the placement of our LED40 pendant lamps formed a harmonious union, bringing nature and light together in a captivating manner. The gentle glow of the pendant lamps beautifully complemented the lush greenery, creating a serene and refreshing environment for guests.

Reichmuth & Co Privatbankiers, Zurich Switzerland - Tunto Lighting

The interplay between the natural elements and the lighting design evoked a sense of serenity, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Overview Led40 Pendant


Wood and Color

Dimmable Driver



More Information:

Project: Reichmuth & Co, Switzerland

Architecture Office: ERNST BÜROARCHITEKTUR AG, Switzerland

Interior Design Office: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland

Photographer: Von Petersdorff, Switzerland


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