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A Historically Significant Office Project, Helsinki, Finland

A group of culturally and historically significant buildings have served our client in Helsinki for over 30 years. The former barrack buildings – originally built in the early 19th century –recently underwent the most extensive modernization project in their history.

Tunto is proud to be have been part of this massive project: we provided our products for the extensive lighting renewal of the whole premises. Another design agency was responsible for the lighting design, and Tunto’s lights can be found in the meeting rooms and office spaces.

Fully-customized lights

for specific needs

We implemented fully-customized products for this extensive project. The all-new custom lights utilize the design language and technology of the Curve series. The lights were optimized to meet the specific needs of the meeting rooms and auditoriums. We were able to meet the project’s high quality requirements using double microprism optics and LEDs with high color rendering values.

Organic moods

for neutral spaces

Our Ballon lights were used in large groups

on walls and ceilings to create an organic mood to an otherwise neutral space.

We are extremely proud to have been part of this significant endeavour. It is gratifying to see Finnish designers using domestic products in complex, large-scale projects like this.

More Information:

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Photography: Tunto Lighting

Products: Ballon Pendant, Ballon Wall5, Swan Pendant, Triangle Pendant,

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