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Tunto's Ballon Lights Illuminate the Nova Skyland Hotel in Finland

The Arctic Circle in Finland boasts a new gem in its hospitality scene - the remarkable Nova Skyland hotel. With its breathtaking beauty and world-class amenities, this 4-star establishment has quickly become a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a unique Arctic experience. At the heart of its high-class apartments lies a touch of elegance and sophistication provided by Tunto's award-winning Ballon Pendant and Wall lights. Let's delve into how these luminaires enhance the hotel's rich, warm, and natural interior design while offering cutting-edge LED technology.

The Ballon Pendant and Wall lights from Tunto gracefully blend form and function, adding a touch of luxury to the Nova Skyland hotel's accommodations. With their exquisite design and attention to detail, these luminaires effortlessly complement the hotel's sophisticated ambiance. The warm and natural interior design is accentuated by the warm glow and aesthetically pleasing shapes of the Ballon Wall lamps.

Tunto's Ballon Wall lamp is not only visually striking but also employs cutting-edge LED technology. This ensures not only an appealing luminaire but also an energy-efficient lighting solution. The innovative LED technology utilized in the Ballon Wall lamp creates a captivating atmosphere, emphasizing the hotel's commitment to sustainable practices.

For a touch of charm and authenticity, the Ballon Multi-Light LED pendant takes center stage. With its captivating design, this pendant light becomes a focal point in any interior setting, adding character and personality to the space. Its unique form and warm illumination create a welcoming ambiance, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the hotel's enchanting atmosphere.

Tunto's Ballon Pendant and Wall lights have found their perfect home in the Nova Skyland hotel, situated on the Arctic Circle in Finland. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge LED technology with a touch of elegance and authenticity, these luminaires enhance the hotel's luxurious interior design. Whether it's the striking Ballon Wall lamps or the charming Ballon Multi-Light LED pendant, Tunto's lighting solutions provide a captivating visual experience for guests, making their stay at the Nova Skyland hotel truly unforgettable.

More Information:

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

Interior Design: Tuula Ylinenpää - Ylinenpää Oy, Finland

Photography: Tunto Lighting, Katri Puumala & Anastasia Kornejew


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