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Pendant Lightform: High School and Cultural Center Monio, Finland

The Architectural Harmony of Monio Pendant Lightform

The High School and Cultural Center Monio in Tuusula, known for its architectural adaptation to the style of Hyrylä's former garrison area, sets the stage for the captivating Monio Pendant Lightform. This monumental sphere's harmonious interaction with the architecture of the building creates an environment where art and architecture merge seamlessly.

Tunto Lightform pendant creating a focal point in modern wooden interior.

A Symbol of Unity and Learning

The 'Monio Pendant Lightform' embodies a concept both simple and profound. Derived from the representation of spheres symbolizing individuals of diverse ages, sizes, and knowledge, they portray the essence of collective learning, connecting, and together, they form one giant sphere that embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration.

Elegant Tunto Lightform fixture above airy office atrium.

A Dynamic Fusion of Art and Technology

Suspended at a height of 25 meters within the world's largest massive timber log school building, this pendant art piece serves a multifaceted role beyond aesthetics. As dusk sets in, it comes alive, serving as a dynamic projection surface illuminated by captivating light and video projections.

Sculptural Tunto Lightform pendant in spacious wood-clad hallway.

Expert Craftsmanship by VALOA and TUNTO

Designed by VALOA, the esteemed design agency in Tampere, and manufactured by TUNTO, this pendant art piece boasts a 4-meter diameter. Crafted from plywood and comprises 138 interconnected spheres of varying sizes, encapsulated within a larger sphere.


More Information:

Design Concept: VALOA design Oy, Tampere

Manufacturer: Tunto Oy, Järvenpää

Pictures: Antti Hiltunen, Tampere


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