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Monastery Grafrath Germany

One day, Earl Rasso stood on the battlements of his castle, remembering the vow he had made to the Holy Land before his pilgrimage and threw down a lance saying, "Wherever my spear falls, I will build my monastery."

The reconstruction work took four months. New oak furniture and a restrained coloring emphasize the vaults on the ground floor of the listed Franciscan monastery. The office and the boardrooms of the parish association have been located in the historic building in

Grafrath since 1979. Since the move in, about 35 years ago, the rooms have remained almost unchanged. Above all, the outdated electrical system had to be adapted to current requirements and revised in terms of data technology.

The hallways in the beautiful Grafrath Monastery in Munich are illuminated by our Swan wall lights. The monastery also uses our "Red Dot Award", "Good Design Award" winner and nominated "German Design Award" model Led1 desk lights and Butterfly3 wall lights.




Monastery Grafrath Munich, Germany

Interior Design:

Bernhard Rückert, Dachau, Germany


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