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Light Magazine - Ballon, Discs of Light

The Finnish label Tunto is known for its straightforward luminaire design, in which wood always plays a major role. The company works with LED and OLED technology. His latest collection "Balloon" was presented by Tunto at Light + Building 2018.

Tunto was founded in 2004 by designer Mikko Kärkkäinen, initially focused on the development of furniture and interior design projects. Since 2011, the Finns have focused on lighting design with the claim to combine the natural material wood with innovative lighting technology.

The current lighting series "Balloon" is based on simple, geometric forms: the design is characterized by lines, angles, rectangles and circles. However, the luminaires' luminosity

is due to their choice of materials and finishes, which are reminiscent of mid century classics in their overall appearance. Depending on the model, the load-bearing, round surfaces and light modules are painted or laminated with walnut or oak veneer. Steel in black, white or gold finish forms the slimline design of the lights.Until now, Tunto mainly offers »balloon« with LED, as pendant, floor, wall and table lamp. The limited edition of a second table version already uses OLED. This "Collector's Edition" combines gold-plated steel and Spanish marble as a base with LG OLED modules. Each copy is numbered and signed by designer Mikko Kärkkäinen.

The collection is expected to be launched in autumn 2019. The »Ballon« pendant lamp was nominated for the German Design Award 2019.

Award Winning Ballon Pendant by Tunto Design
Award-Winning Ballon Pendant "One Unit" with Frame in Gold and Adjustable Panel in Oak Wood

Ballon5 Wall Lamp in White by Tunto Design
Ballon5 Wall Light White Coated





Note: This article was originally written in German and translated into English with permission of the author. The original article in German can be ordered in the current magazine LICHT 6/18


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