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Hex Modular: The Architectural Lighting Experience

Hex emerges as a transformative force in lighting, designed and manufactured by Tunto Lighting for spaces that demand both aesthetic elegance and functional brilliance. Our modular system is a harmonious blend of design versatility and technological efficiency, well-suited for a wide range of environments including commercial, public, and educational settings.

Tunto HEX architectural lighting Supercell Office

A Symphony of Light and Form

Tunto HEX architectural lighting with acoustic panel

Each Hex module is meticulously crafted from a durable aluminum profile and elegantly encased in a wooden laminate layer, designed to harmonize with its environment and stand the test of time. The integrated micro prismatic diffuser reduces glare to a UGR of less than 19, offering optimal visual comfort for a wide range of spaces.

Hex Architectural lighting transcends its role as a mere lighting element; it doubles as a spatial feature, accommodating the integration of acoustic panels within its design. This not only enhances the acoustic quality of any environment but also contributes to its visual appeal.

Tunto HEX architectural lighting in a Restaurant

 lighting planning with Tunto HEX architectural lighting

The Transformative Shapes of Hex Architectural Lighting

Hex showcases versatility with its array of geometric modules, including L, J, Y, and X shapes, alongside linear segments of varying lengths. These individual elements are capable of standing alone as singular lighting fixtures but also boast the ability to interconnect, paving the way for endless configurations.

From simple geometric modules to the complex structures of hexagons or rectangles, Hex offers designers a canvas for creativity, catering to the unique needs of each space.

Hex's Advanced LED Technology

Within the sleek contours of Hex, advanced LED technology operates, offering an energy-efficient lighting solution without compromising on luminance. The system is compatible with DALI and Casambi lighting controls and is available in a spectrum of color temperatures, from 2700 to 3000, to 4000 Kelvin, as well as tunable white (2700-6500K) and, optionally, vibrant RGB options. This versatility empowers the creation of ambient moods and dynamic settings, tailored to the client's desires.

Tunto HEX architectural lighting visualization

Hex in Application: The Supercell Headquarters Showcase

The practical application of Hex is showcased in the new headquarters of Supercell in Helsinki. This installation goes beyond mere utility to become a visible testament to design intent and functionality, discernible from outside through the large windows. Hex not only illuminates; it transforms the space, with pixel-programmed tunable whites and RGB lighting creating an ambiance that mirrors Supercell’s innovative ethos.

Supercell Head office with Tunto HEX architectural lighting

Adapting Hex to Your Architectural Narrative

The installation of Hex is as flexible as its design. Options for suspension or direct ceiling attachment allow for tailored solutions that complement the architectural narrative of each space. As a project-related lighting system, Hex respects the spatial dynamics of its environment, ensuring that each installation is as unique as the client’s vision.

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Hex Modular System


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