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Home Sweet Home. Finnish EU Office In Brussels With Tunto Lighting System

Helsinki EU Office supervises its stakeholders’ interests and promotes their visibility in different EU fora. The office also provides information regarding the preparation of EU legislation, EU funding programmes, events, co-operation, and networking opportunities.

The offices of Finland's Permanent Representation to the European Union opened in 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The client – the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland – wished to see modern, stylish lighting in their new premises, and approached Tunto Design for the project.

The lights in the premises include the LED40 pendant, LED40 wall lamp, our "Red Dot Award"-winning and nominated for the "Deutscher Design Award" nominee, LED2 floor lamp and the LED8 desk light with wireless charging which were awarded with "Best Light Design" and "Best of the Best successful Design".




Finnish EU Office Bruessels, Belgium

Interior Design:

Tunto Design Oy, Finland


Tunto Design Oy, Finland


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