LED60 Wall & Ceiling Lamp

LED60 Wall & Ceiling Lamp


The Led60 is twice as powerful as the Led40. The Wall model gives a forward or side-facing light and can be easily and subtly attached to a wall or ceiling. Ideal for efficient and sophisticated lighting needs of a small space.

Select Wood Type
Select Outside Staining (only for oak model)
Select Length
Primary Light Source
Select Driver Unit
Lighting Control Systems
  • Handmade in Finland from solid oak, walnut, and ash wood.
  • Color selectable in natural or black and white stained.
  • Oil wax surface finish (ash: white oil wax, oak & walnut: oil wax).
  • Can be used as a wall or as a ceiling light.
  • Available with a frontal or side-facing light source. 
  • Equipped with DALI/ PUSH DIM (standard), dimmable driver.
  • Available with built-in (non-dimmable) or external driver (dimmable).
  • 3 m transparent power cable (external driver only)
  • Simple 4 step assembly.
  • The product is for indoor use only and has a non-user replaceable light source.
  • Compatible with TUNTO EnOcean Switch (requires the lamp to be ordered with the Casambi DIM).


Available with Casambi lighting control system (external driver only) for smart wireless use. You can order the Casambi (extra costs) from us along with your light. Read more about Casambi

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