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The Story Behind the Led Collection

The Led is where it all began. The Tunto story started writing itself with the first Led model,

combining our expertise with wood with the latest technology for the first time. The Led

collection truly set the scene for things to come for Tunto, establishing us at the forefront of

modern light design.

A Classic Born at the Right Time

The first Tunto Led model – the Led 1 – was born at exactly the right time. This was the moment when modern LED technology first made it possible to take new kinds of steps in the

design of a lamp.

Designing the lamp, we utilized our know-how of woodworking and technology in a truly new

way. We combined our expertise with Scandinavian high-quality design and expressiveness – and came up with a lamp that is furniture-like in its design language.

Tunto – Touch and Leave an Impression

The Tunto Led models light up and dim with a gentle touch. This was something that was starting to become common in mobile phones at the time – ending up as the de-facto interface of today.

Touch. Contact. That is what Tunto is in its essence. We want our products to be touched and be known – to leave an impression.

Tunto was awarded several international awards for the Led lamps. We were among the first to take new steps in lighting design with the possibilities allowed by modern LED technology. We did it with the Led collection – Led 1, 2, 4 and 8.

More Information:

Products: Led1, Led2, Led4, Led8


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