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Recruiting Agency Mobiskill Opted For Tunto's Award Winner Swan Pendant

Light is life. An old, completely renovated office building is Mobilskill's team of young recruiting professionals for web and mobile experts in Paris new head office.

The new head office which is located in the middle of Paris, is an old office building and was completely renovated by the interior design company's ALT-C Archi and Madame Architecte from Paris. With the Good Design Award" winner and "German Design Award" nominated Swan Pendant lamp -as main lighting source-, optimal perceptual conditions and space effects were created, which respond to the needs and daily activities of the team that promote well-being and a healthy environment.

"A great project implementation overall, who would not want to work there?" Tunto Design




Mobiskill Paris, France

Interior Architect:

Alt-C Archi, France



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