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Cube: A Modern Classic For Wall and Ceiling

Versatile Elegance for Every Space

The Cube stands as a paragon of elegance, offering a timeless wall and ceiling light solution that harmonizes classic and modern aesthetics. Suitable for a myriad of settings, from corridors and stairwells to living areas and sleeping quarters, the Cube is the quintessential lamp to illuminate any space. Its design transcends trends, making it a harmonious addition to any interior in need of a lighting element that is both stylish and adaptable to varying ambiances throughout the day.

Tailored Illumination Made in Finland

Conceived and crafted within the Finnish tradition of excellence, the Cube comes in five distinct sizes and three light temperature options, accommodating an array of elegant interior lighting requirements. The light's dimmability is compatible with DALI lighting control systems Push and Casambi's wireless dimming technology, allowing for effortless adjustments to create the perfect mood.

Classic Materials, Tunto's Signature Style

True to Tunto's renowned design ethos, the Cube is fashioned from three classic materials: oak, birch, and walnut. Each material choice imbues the lamp with a unique flair, ensuring that whether you seek a functional light to navigate your space or wish to infuse a touch of refined modernity into your decor, the Cube emerges as the ideal selection for wall or ceiling lighting.

Overview CUBE


Wood and Color

Dimmable Driver


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