LED60 Pendant

LED60 Pendant


The Led60 is twice as powerful as the Led40. It is ideal for efficient and sophisticated lighting in a small space. Combine in elegant groups of two or more for added versatility. The interface of the combinations are seamless and equipped with and a minimal amount of wires and cables for a finished and clean-cut impression.

Select Wood Type
Select Outside Staining (only for oak model)
Select Model Length
Select Driver Unit
Lighting Control Systems
  • Handmade in Finland from solid oak, walnut, ash wood.
  • Color selectable in natural, white/ black stained.
  • Oil wax surface finish (ash: white oil wax, oak & walnut: oil wax).
  • Available with built-in (non-dimmable) or external (dimmable) driver. 
  • The non-Dimmable model comes with a white ceiling cover plate for- The dimmable model comes with a white power box. 
  • Equipped with DALI/ PUSH DIM (standard) dimmable driver (external only). 
  • 2 m transparent power cable and thin steel wires for hanger assembly.
  • Simple 4 step assembly.
  • The product is for indoor use only and has a non-user-replaceable light source.
  • Compatible with TUNTO EnOcean Switch (requires the lamp to be ordered with the Casambi DIM).

Dimmable version: Equipped with DALI, PUSH DIM (standard) dimmable driver. White metal mounting cup (220 x 100 x 35 mm) RAL 9003. 


Available with a Casambi lighting control system (external driver only) for smart wireless use. You can order the Casambi (extra costs) from us along with your light. Read more about Casambi

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