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Casambi Wall Switch Xpress


Xpress is a wireless user interface that brings huge flexibility to  interior design as furniture can be replaced or even walls can  be  rebuilt  without  having  to  take  wiring  of  switches  or  switch   placement into account. The switch can be kept wherever the  user  needs  it  and  it  gives  direct  access  to  all  the  important   Casambi lighting control functionalities.

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  • Xpress is a wireless user interface that can be configured via the Casambi app.

  • The four target buttons can control a scene or an animation of the user's choice or simply one luminaire, one luminaire group or all lamps together if so desired.

  • Available in the colors black and white.

  • Comes with a wall mounting plate. The switch can be attached to the plate as it is equipped with magnets.

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The Casambi wall switch Express is compatible with all our pendant, wall and ceiling lamps when equipped with the CBU-ASD wireless control unit. You can order the Casambi unit (extra costs) from us along with your light.

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