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The Story Behind the EnOcean Switch

Inspired by the sophisticated and precious design language of fine jewelry, Tunto EnOcean is a state-of-the-art wireless switch that is compatible with the Casambi system. This elegant switch brings a new level of style and technology for easy, intuitive dimming and light control.

Tunto EnOcean Switch

Striving for an Intuitive Touch

The importance of touch is something that is an essential part of the Tunto EnOcean switch.

We wanted to make a switch that is like a meticulously finished design object. It has to work intuitively. Holding it in your hand should feel fascinating in a minimalistic way.

All this acted as a basis for designing this state-of-the-art switch.

Easy, Versatile Control and Dimming

The Tunto EnOcean switch is a stylish, intuitive, reliable, and ready-to-use solution for all kinds of switching and dimming. It can be mounted on the desired surface or operated as a handheld device.

It works wirelessly and without a battery, deriving its energy from the push of the switch. This switch is capable of controlling multiple devices and lighting modes simultaneously. You can program it however you want.

A True Member of the Tunto Design Family

We are very pleased with how the EnOcean turned out. It fits in seamlessly with the other members of the Tunto design family. It looks and feels just right, effortlessly complementing the interior in a natural manner while combining design and modern technology.


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