Tunto service

Tunto Design’s lighting solutions are highly customizable for various customer needs due to their modularity. This is why more and more modular project solutions are being offered to architects and interior designers. Tunto’s electronic and wooden components make it possible to produce countless different product variations for interior design and lighting elements.

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Tunto Design masters both wood and technology
Wood is a challenging material that requires highly developed professional skills in mass-produced lighting solutions. Designer/CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen and Tunto Design possess a vast experience in using wood and applying ambitious processes to practice. In addition to this, Tunto Design’s employees are highly committed, professional and motivated. Furthermore, the company employs more than a dozen established and trustworthy subcontractors. Due to the excellent subcontracting network, Tunto’s production can respond to the quickly growing demand.

Another Tunto Design strength is the company’s comprehensive know-how in innovative design lighting. Tunto’s products utilize the latest advanced technology in the form of top-of-the-market LED solutions and connecting devices to ensure top-quality lighting. Tunto’s lights can be controlled with various state-of-the-art light control systems, e.g. Dali (digital light control) and Casambi (a Bluetooth-based, smartphone-controlled system).