Tunto in Light & Building 2016

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Tunto is one of the first lighting manufacturers starting to use OLEDs. We work closely with OSRAM’s OLED team.

What is OLED then?

OLED is the next-generation of energy-efficient lighting that generates beautiful, warm, natural light by passing electricity through a thin layer of carbon-based organic dyes.

We launched our first Oled Wall lamp in 2012. The thin shape of the OLED panel gives lots of opportunities from the designer’s point view. Tunto creates minimalistic wooden lamps and OLED panel is a aesthetic choice when designing lamps. We created the whole Butterfly series based on OLED technology with 3 different wall, ceiling lamps and a table lamp, too.

At the moment they are used in decorative purposes mainly and the lifetime and power of the light is getting better in each generation.

We believe the OLEDs will change the lighting market and we also believe that it will happen quicker than predicted. The importance of the OLED market on the international level is expected to increase greatly in 2018-2022 and therefore want to be in the edge of development.